Mission Statement

At Dale Brain Injury Services we provide a continuum of high quality, client-centered services to persons affected by an acquired brain injury.  By providing services that are accessible, evidence-based and responsive to the changing needs of our clients, our community, and our partners, DBIS supports individuals to maximize their strengths and live healthy, meaningful lives.

Our Philosophy

As individuals and as an organization we are committed to the Mission and philosophy and refer to them as we make decisions and allocate resources for Dale Brain Injury Services' operations.


We treat every person with respect, privacy and dignity.

We recognize that clients in Dale Services and programs are adults and are treated as such.

We try to ensure that the program clients will direct their use of services as much as possible. Dale Services will offer support and maximize this process.

We recognize and support the unique needs and distinct personal goals, strengths and challenges of each individual. Individuals are motivated and capable of assuming responsibility in varying degrees.

We recognize that the abilities, strengths and talents of clients are crucial to fulfilling our mission.

We provide services, programs and supports at the least intrusive level possible.

We recognize, utilize and maintain the client's existing support systems.

We are accountable for the effective, efficient and ethical use of human, financial and physical resources in fulfilling our mission.

We aim to set new and improved standards in the delivery of rehabilitation and community services to clients, as well as in research, administration and planning.

General Information

What is a brain injury?

Brain Injury is a term used to describe damage to the brain which can occur from trauma or disease.

Many traumatic injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries and assaults.

Brain injuries can also occur as a result of disease, tumours, strokes, and cardiac arrest.

Brain injuries can result in observable disabilities, but the profound effect on intellectual functioning may not be readily apparent. Intellectual, emotional, speech, and behavioural problems are often prolonged and can affect the individual and family more than the related physical disability.

Recovery from brain injury ranges from total dependence to total independence, depending upon the type and severity of the injury.

For further information please visit The Ontario Brain Injury Association or contact us at admissions@daleservices.on.ca