Consultation & Training

Clinical consultation and training is made available to caregivers, families, service providers and by a team comprised of our Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Therapists, and Rehabilitation Counsellors. Services are provided via in-service training sessions, meetings, video conference, email and teleconference. Clinical Consultation is provided to develop and implement individualized strategies to address behavioural, social and cognitive challenges.  Our Consulting Team connects caregivers and service providers resources as needed. Our BEST (Behaviour, Education, Support & Training) Team provides a more intensive form of clinical consultation and intervention to meet the needs of, caregivers and community agencies when they are experiencing a crisis situation where behaviour challenges are more problematic or severe in nature, the person’s living arrangement or placement is at risk, and/or where caregiver capacity or available resources may be limited.  Services include assessment, development of individualized strategies and behaviour support plans, education, and direct coaching, mentoring and training on program implementation. The BEST team also provides transitional services from Hospital to Long Term Care.

Request for Consultation & Training

For more information please contact:

Nancy Docherty
Clinical Administrative Assistant
519-668-0023 x319